7 Smart Ways To Save On Your Air Mattress

Are you looking to buy an air mattress to have an extra bed for guests or family? Here are a few smart ways for you to save money on your air mattress while still getting great quality.

  1. You can save money by choosing an air mattress without a built-in air pump.

While we do not think this is the wisest choice, you can save a few dollars buying a bed without a built-in electric pump. You will need to use an air pump to fill the bed, which takes time and effort. You will still have a high-quality bed, but you will have to work for comfort. We recommend buying a bed with a built-in pump unless you are on a very tight budget.

  1. Stay away from major brand names.

If you are looking for bargains on your air mattress steer away from major brands. We all know we pay a premium for the brand name, even if it does not provide better quality. Make sure you compare other features, especially the warranty.

  1. Buy a thinner air mattress.

You can choose to go with a thinner mattress if you are using it on a floor with carpet and padding. You will find air mattresses which inflate to over 18″ in thickness. You may not need that much air beneath your body if the flooring underneath is soft.

  1. Stay away from inflated pillows on the mattress.

Some air mattresses include pillows that inflate along with the mattress. A few even include backrests so the mattress can be used as a chair. These features add to the cost and are rarely used. You will enjoy regular pillows more than inflated pillows.

  1. Shop for closeouts.

Air mattress companies come out with new models almost every year according to Loomandleafcoupon.org which also give great discounts for regular mattresses. Watch for close out sales on old models. The older model is just as comfortable and still carries a full warranty. Watch the bargain bins in your local retailers or watch online.

  1. Buy the smallest size that works for your needs.

Air mattresses come in sizes ranging from single beds all the way to king-size beds. If you know the bed is going to be used by a single person, then choose to go with a single bed. It will save you money, take less space, and provide the same level of comfort.

  1. Buy a used air mattress.

You were looking for ways to save money, so we could not ignore this option. You will find used air mattresses at garage sales every weekend. Do we recommend buying used? No. A used mattress may have leaks. It has no warranty. You do not know if it was just used by humans or was a pet bed, too. We suggest buying a new air mattress.

These seven tips can help you save money on an air mattress, but do not forget about quality and comfort. Invest in a good quality air mattress with a built-in pump, and you will enjoy your air mattress for years.


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