Can toothpaste get rid of acne?

You wash your face before bed and see the beginning of a furious red pimple. Can toothpaste get rid of acne?

Toothpaste for pimples can do more harm than good

Although it is unclear how and where this trend began, some probable reasons are:

  • Many toothpaste recipes used to contain a chemical called triclosan, which can work to kill bacteria that causes and worsens eczema.
  • Some of the ingredients commonly found in toothpastes, such as baking soda, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, are known to have a drying effect, which can help reduce zites.
  • According to Dr. Tsippory Shainhouse, a board certified dermatologist, menthol in toothpaste may cause a tingling sensation that can temporarily reduce pain and swelling.
  • Toothpaste is not intended for the skin.

In itself, this is not a breakthrough, because many cosmetic products can double the burden. (I mean, lip balm on cracked cuticles = total rescuer.) But your skin is slightly softer than your teeth, and some toothpaste ingredients – such as fluorine and methanol – can cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Can toothpaste get rid of acne?

So how do you make pimples go away quickly?

If you are dealing with cystic acne (pain, swelling, subcutaneous nodules), unfortunately you can’t do much for them locally. A little over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can help with inflammation, but only an injection of cortisone can get rid of them overnight, while prescription medications can fully cure them over time (so seriously, go to the dermis).

Otherwise, after applying a moisturizing cream, treat your wounds by applying a thin layer of local treatment. For classic blackheads, use a formula with benzoyl peroxide (kills acne-causing bacteria), and for small clogged pores and inflammation, try salicylic acid, which dissolves oils and skin cells. Use only one every night and wait for your body to do the same – i.e. quickly destroy this pimple.

Other home remedies

There are some good news for lovers of natural and home remedies. If you’re a fan of essential oils, you may already have a bottle of tea tree oil on hand.

Many studies, including the latest published in the Australian Journal of Dermatology, suggest that the use of tea tree oil for mild to moderate acne can be very effective. You can mix a few drops of tea tree oil with regular facial products or apply a few drops directly on the blemish as a spot treatment.

See a dermatologist

Finding the right acne treatment can be a trial and error process, but if you’re still suffering from eczema, you should consider visiting a dermatologist who can provide stronger topical and oral anti-acne medications. Getting rid of pimples once and for all will give you a significant increase in confidence and allow you to feel pride in your skin!



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