What are dental dams?

Dental dams are used as a barrier during oral sex. Oral sex is a sexual act involving the mouth, mouth or tongue and penis, vagina, anus or genital area. What are dental dams?

What are dental dams?

Dental dams are made of a flexible material such as latex or polyurethane. They come in a variety of colors and are usually square. Dental dams can be flavored or tasteless and can be used with or without grease. They are used to protect people against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) of the mouth, throat or anus.

How do dental barriers work?

Dental dams act as a barrier or shield between a person’s mouth and the partner’s penis, vagina or anus. The dental dam is kept in the genital area during oral sex from beginning to end), so there is no direct contact. Using a dental dam significantly reduces the change in the acquisition and spread of most sexually transmitted diseases.

What are dental dams?

How to use Dental Dam

First check that it has not expired and that there are no tears in the package or in latex. Wash off the cornstarch. This can cause a vaginal infection.

You can use water based or silicone grease, but don’t use anything based on oil, such as baby oil or petroleum jelly. It may cause damage.

Lay the dental barrier flat on the vulva or anus. You or your partner will have to keep him at all times of oral sex.

When done, throw your dental barrier. Do not turn it over and do not use it again. You can be exposed to germs that cause sexually transmitted diseases.

What if I don’t have a dental dam?

If you’re in the mood, but you don’t have a dental dam, an unwashed latex condom will also work. Cut off the top and bottom of the condom. Then cut one page to make a flat sheet. Use it in the same way as a dental barrier.

You can also use a latex glove for protection. Cut off the fingers and the base. Then cut off one side of the glove so that it is flat.

For the time when you do not have a condom or latex glove, plastic film should also work. Just know that its effectiveness has not been studied. And make sure there are no cracks in the plastic.



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